Another comic I did for my mom’s blog. My mom trying to make hummus.

Mom’s hummus

This is one I did for my mom’s blog. I thoguht it was something good, it was tortilla mix.


Group glomp

me in a dress (same dress), catching a hatstand

Catching a hatstand

one advantage to being short.

More piggy back rides

this is how my mom says I deal with frustration.


My friend gives me piggy back rides, ’cause he’s so big and I’m so small.

Piggy Back rides

my friend and i went to open studios, which was cool, but the last place we went the guy’s art was well, a bit perverted.

Open Studios

We had an ant problem this summer. It was driving me nuts. I tried to get my cat Askila to eat the ants.

Eat the Ants

Yeah, I wore a dress to the dance. Now I know why I don’t normally wear one.