This happened to me this summer. I was staying at my grandmothers, with her weird cat.

Cat Toy

I got into APE!! this is so exictiing!! I’ll be there from 16-17 in october, in San Fransisco. Hopefully people can go, since well im so awesome and all.My company name is Torn Jeans Comic or comix. im having technical difficulties uploading so later..


i highly doubt i have as many views as had a couple of months ago, but since i’m working on my zombie comic as well as helping my mom with her new blog i am busy now!! over the summer damnit.
Here, you can see the new blog with my drawings as well as what im doing,

go, it has pretty pictures!!


( if you can’t read the comic cause its blurry just click on it)^^ guys. You gotta love em. Sorry i haven’t posted in over a month. Don’t blame me though blame school and its homework that eats at my free time. Anyway my friends were in study hall and we started talking about movies i think. Then i mentioned the movie “The Wrestler” which is yes about a wrestler. And also yes has some sexual scenes. Anywho i’m seeing the 2nd episode of Dr who tonight with Matt smith who is almost as cute as David Tennent.


Hey everybody! sorry i haven’t posted in a bigillion years. I have comics lined up and inked, just haven’t had time to post and scan them. So I’m not sure if i mentioned this or not (this is regarding the comic) but i hate it when my friends get their haircut. It makes me think they’re conspiring against me or something. Then when they do get it cut i have to draw it up to date. Anyway not much has been happening except for awesome and stressful filled school. Oh yeah and I’m moving again but my parents have found a house which is bona (which means good in Latin) and the best part is its near my friends house. I can play call of duty at his house and I’ll get better!! yay! ok see ya.


Anyways…sorry for not posting in a while! the lack of updates make me sad. i couldn’t post this weekend cause i had to go to LA…for the third time!! I should be doing homework but i needed a break, unfortunately my scanner made the top words blurred. i was to lazy to erase my smiley at the bottom. but aside from that i’m sort of amazed that I’m still awake since I’m really tired and school was okay, I’m going through my jumpy phase again so people are having fun scaring me. gotta go do homework and get out the office since my moms candle has an overwhelming smell of perfume.

Random conversation

Hello everybody! sorry if its a little blurry. This is the last comic i drew from LA, so no more grandma for a while…maybe.Since my stepmom is taking care of my grandma, and my grandma is nuts, the only way for her to keep sane is listen to really loud music. The good thing is my grandma is pretty much deaf anyway so it doesn’t bother her. Oh yeah and i actually colored my comic in, cause i had time. Anyway besides starting biology and going to my friends party, theres no new news.


So sorry i haven’t posted in a bizzilion years but i had finals last week and now i’m done!! yayay! Anyway last week i went to my grandma’s house…again. It was an utterly hard and a annoying journey that i have to explain in two comics. Besides studying for finals was a hard and a annoying journey by itself but imagine my grandma and magali being there as well. Sorry if its blurry :3


Heh i got a cartman doll. Hey everyone! Happy Holidays!! ( i say this because everyone celebrates different holidays and not just Christmas.)Oh i got new pens!! and maybe 15 or so skech pads. I’m going to my grandmas soon but not as soon as usual. I usually leave boxing day but we’re leaving on the 29th i think..because its a weird year. But Magali (my stepmom) is over there becasue of her stroke, thats one reason its a weird year. I really want to be back for the new year but I will probably be back by the 3rd or 2nd. Anyway i only have one more week and then its back to school! see you then, i’ll try to update before i leave.

Happy holidays!!

hey everyone! sorry i haven’t posted in a month! But i promise you comics for i have a 2 week winter break! I have been really stacked up on finishing my 6 page research paper and getting ready for finals in 4 weeks. Actually i’ve been so busy that Thursday night i stayed up till 1 and last night i stayed up till 1 or 2 cause i went to a sleepover. I don’t have any recent comics but do have this one from last month that was to be posted but had to wait. Now i have a comic overload.