HAHA you never thought i would bring you mold pt 2 but i did!! actually i should be uploading actual recent events. i have comics piling up. I’ve been rather busy again with school but nothing to out of the ordinary. Good news is i got a cozy warm blanket and i finished my play. Bad news is my Grandma had a stroke, but shes ok. She can’t really speak but shes getting better as the days go by. The way my mom tried to notify me though was funny. she posted on facebook about it and thought i would see it since i was on but i didn’t so she told me on Friday.

Mold pt 2!!

mold_part1 copy

ok sorry for not posting for a…week? My stepmom magali got back from her 2 1/2 months in oregon 2 weeks ago. As a homecoming gift she discovered mold in the fridge which i was to busy to notice. i was really busy getting ready for my play and midterm. The last 3 months i’ve been ensemble in our school musical “spitfire grill” and next week we’re having our opening night!! the bad thing is i have to stay up till 10 each night this week…Haha its a “to be countinued” strip! Tune in next week to discover what exactly is in the fridge!! oh and happy halloween p.s. i was a ninja!

mold pt 1


okay..this deserves some explaining.but first…HALLOWEEN IS IN A WEEK YAYAYAYYAY!!! All right so last week after my play practice i went over to where the guys were playin DnD. I play but not often enough and my friend had a giant graph map rolled up. At some point he started sucking it or imitating something i don’t know. i guess what might not make sense is that im talking about those fancy giant glob pipes and if you have no idea what im talking about then look it up on google or something. i should give you one good reason why i haven’t posted in a while! ok 1 my scanner decided it was going to be a bum and not work (my mom scans my stuff in…shes really busy) Anywho i have been rather busy with stuff lately and that includes building a model car in physics.



Ok lemmie explain. So if you read my about me you find i give a link to deviant art where i post my other drawings. I post mostly slash fic but ah well. Anyway i have a new obsession….its TMNT!! you know? teenage mutant ninja turtles?I don’t remember what made me into it again.I’ve noticed that with almost every single kid show i watch theres slash for it! Turtlecest is addicting although wrong on all levels and makes me watch the show differently. haha the only reason i got this post up is cause i have tommorow off! yay! happy viewing.


suitcase1 copy

so just so you know last week we were learning syllables in latin. A dipthong are like our vowels very important and you can’t divide them into syllables. They make a certain sound…ok enough latin talk! i’ve been really tired this week so i haven’t updated but im working on a comic now! have to go to school now enjoy!

latin class


this actually happened during the summer when i was in oregon.It was really hot and the water was really cold.. i was with nicole that day. So nothing to amazing happend in the last week or so. So i haven’t posted anything new but i will since i have a few comics that might be good enough to put up.


grammas_visitLast weekend my grandma came for a visit…and yes she is still sort of nuts..Everything she did above is yes true…Anyways I’m doing a horse show this weekend so no posts maybe this weekend.

My Grandma (again)

jacobs_shirt copy


so 2 weeks ago i started high school and last week i was visiting an old friend jacob. it was mucho fun. We stayed up till 3am which wasn’t a good idea but seemed like it at the time.All we did was play on the computer and listen to music. My parents went to San Francisco to see Katy Griffin thats why i stayed there. But anyway the comic is what happened in the morning.oh and i drew another picture. when i told jacob that i still had a crush on Ian he just stared at me and said “wait? that retard?” or words to that affect. but anyway i drew my imaginary ian and my me glomping him. xD me and my own little fantasies…


iwish copy

well i’ve started high school and still haven’t had enough time to update my age from 14 to 15. this is a comic i drew about a week ago since i was annoyed at my mom. But after showing it to her she thought it was funny.ah well im tired and i will updat hopefully soon after this

i wish…

so i think i touched on the morris ale thing last week but lemmie explain if you do not know. I dance in a group who are morris dancing which is an English folk dance. last week we held an ale which is pretty much a gathering of a bunch of other morris dancers where we took them all around where i live to dance (on different buses of course). Anyway the prepping for it was really hard we had to have enough food to feed around 100 people…for the weekend. the comic below is about the cake that looked like a slug. I’m really grateful to have someone like kirstin…the one who made the slug cake

slugs_butt2 copy

Morris Ale